WARNING!!! This system is for YouTube VIDEO marketers who want fast multiple page 1 rankings only!

How To INSTANTLY Create YouTube Authority + Multiple Video Rankings on Both Google And YouTube The #1 + #2 Search Engines in The World, For Free Targeted Traffic WITHOUT Complicated Tech Overwhelm, And Time Consuming + Income Robbing Manual Labor!

Recent RVR Pro Webinar Replay...

rvrpro-new-jv-video-9-7-16-new from Bill Cousins on Vimeo.

UPDATE! We have now added the ability to create multiple keyword optimized playlists along with uploading custom thumbnails with your videos thru the included "Tube Authority Rocket" software!

Rocket Video Ranker Pro

Watch + learn as we teach you how to get multiple Google and YouTube video rankings in a fraction of the normal time by giving your new and old YouTube Channels instant authority + ranking power using our 2 amazing web software's + just a few simple steps that ANYBODY can do!

Do you do Affiliate Marketing? Launch Jacking? Imagine being able to go out and find a product that your interested in promoting, make a video, spin it, upload it into a brand new channel that is optimized for that products keyword OR... into an existing channel, and having your videos ranking and taking over within hrs! Not just 1 video ranking but MULTIPLE videos ranking!

This also works like gangbusters for offline + local video marketing! AND... I'll also show how you can use this power as an irresistible offer and proof of your video expertise to grab new video clients OR to help keep your current ones! Your going to love this!

69 page 1 Google rankings in 48 hrs using this RVR Pro system case study...

69 page one rankings in 48 hours from Bill Cousins on Vimeo.

Here are some Affiliate Marketing "Launch Jacking" Rankings (20 min)...

rvrpro-smart-video-metrics-launch-rankings-final from Bill Cousins on Vimeo.

Here are some new Local Video Marketing ranking results (4 hrs)...

rvrpro-jv-info-page-garage-doors-cran-example-rankings from Bill Cousins on Vimeo.

Here are some of Lem's previous results (less than 1 day)...

Take a Look at How The 2 Included Web Based Apps Rank Your Videos...

rvrpro-webinar-apps-demo-1 from Bill Cousins on Vimeo.

Below are some of the killer ranking examples that we and our students have been getting using this method...


67 Number ONE Rankings on Google Using The Rocket Video Ranker Pro System + The Included Web Apps!

So...Here is Everything You Get to Take Your Video Marketing to The Next Level When You Join The Rocket Video Ranker Pro "Instant Channel Authority" Training + Membership Today...

  • Exclusive access to the RVR Pro members area where we keep all of the training videos (over 32 as of now)!
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  • All of the resources provided to go along with those 7 RVR Pro "Beta" training modules!
  • Lifetime license to the "Tube Authority Rocket" web based app (works for both Mac + PC) + all updates!
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  • NEW! Access to the New Instant Custom Thumbnail uploading feature added to the TAR software!
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  • NEW! Access to the new "Instant Description Power Function" to help rank higher for your specific keywords!
  • Plus more new stuff + features we're adding every week! You get access to all updates FREE as an RVR Pro member!

Create Multiple VIDEO Titles Using Spyntax!

Don't Delay, Grab This Offer Now Before we Raise The Price !

Rocket Video Ranker Pro

***Restrictions apply on this guarantee PLEASE read the paragraph's below fully!

Read all of this...*** You’re protected by the amazing double your money back guarantee. To qualify learn this entire training and put it to work. Use everything, deploy everything, and test it all out, and see how it works for you. Show us you’ve put the system to work, participated in the Rocket Video Ranker Pro Closed Door Facebook Mastermind Group for help and have sent in a support ticket if needed. If you still are not able to get positioned on the first page of Google or YouTube for at least one video for a reasonable keyword (reasonable keyword is defined as: “City Name State Business Service Review” or “Business Name Review.” Ask us and we’ll give you DOUBLE Your Money Back after we make sure you have already done some work to use the system! AND...

*** BECAUSE THIS IS SOFTWARE WE DO NOT OFFER A NO QUESTIONS ASKED REFUND POLICY! It is not the responsibility of Bill Cousins, the affiliate, or Prolific Marketer LLC to have the required resources to run the software's it's yours! DO NOT Buy this product and software if you have dial - up internet service OR you only have access to an upload speed lower than 5 - mbps OR... you are using an internet connection that is only wireless or is not yours!

DO NOT buy this software to try it out and then ask for a refund! If you think Rocket Video Ranker Pro, Tube Authority Rocket, or Rocket Video Spinner may not be a good fit for your business model then do not buy it. If you think it may be too advanced and complicated for you to run the software then do not buy it. With that out of the way... Use the software for 30 full days, put it thru the wringer, show us that you used the software, ask for help thru our support desk at support@prolificmarketer.com,  show us that it did not function as described and we'll be glad to refund your full purchase price if we cant make things right! We reserve the right to ask you for your files and if we can take all of your files that you send us (we may optimize them as needed) and upload everything thru the Tube Authority Rocket app into one of our test accounts without any problems then the problem is not on our side its on yours and a full or partial refund (if any) is completely at our discretion! ALSO...Please understand that we are not in control of YouTube or Google or how you have used their services in the past or while using our products! You may have been already flagged by them without knowing it! We code our apps to work as well as they possibly can and we test and test before we launch them. With that being said there is always the chance using this software that something may happen to your YouTube channel, videos, or account from using this app or from something on YouTube's side or API and that is totally out of our control and we are not liable for any loss in income or earnings from using any of the training or software in the product.  Use this product + software's at your own risk!

This site and the products and services offered on this site are not associated, affiliated, endorsed, or sponsored by Google or YouTube. We reserve the right to change our terms, refund policy, price, bonuses and offer at any time without any notice! We can not guarantee anyone's success most people invest in Rocket Video Ranker Pro and do nothing with it and get no results. The results you see here are not typical, because most people do nothing and get no results. We do receive compensation and commissions for affiliations. We Are Not In Any Way Affiliated With Google Or YouTube These Are Registered Trademarks Owned By Google And YouTube.

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